OIA Marketing Communications


Project: Done-in One/Impak – Communicolor

Communicolor, a large-scale direct mail printing and production house, was introducing two new patented printing and production processes. The processes were highly technical in nature, but offered the direct mail client more printed options out of a single press sheet with less waste and less cost. If adopted by North America’s large-scale direct mail companies, it could give Communicolor a competitive edge for years to come.

Communicolor had an aggressive sales schedule and presentation deadlines. In order to meet these deadlines, OIA had to develop and write five complete and authentic sample direct mail packages that could be produced with the new processes. In addition to the sample direct mail packages, a pocket folder, two brochures and individual sales sheets for national direct mail had to be created. The objective was to print all of the pieces using the new processes to demonstrate to customers the reduced waste, and increased production. Because the processes were highly technical and complex, they needed to be communicated in a fashion that a full range of customers could understand.

Because the process and benefits seemed too good to believe, OIA developed a concept that played off of the line “you can’t believe your eyes” for the overall package. OIA also developed the names “Done-In-One” and “Impak” for the processes. Each name highlighted the core benefit of the process. Sample direct mail was patterned after contemporary direct mail packages. Humor was incorporated to make them more memorable. In order to meet the deadlines, stock photography was used. OIA negotiated with a local photographer to obtain a bulk rate and long-term rights for the photos.

The deadlines and budget for the project was met. The client was thrilled with the quality of the pieces and how quickly OIA was able to deliver a product whose quality matched the demanding standards of the print industry. Initial responses from customers were extremely favorable and the pieces developed by OIA are still in use without change three years later.