OIA Marketing Communications


Project: isodri Protective Systems – Lion Apparel

Lion Apparel is the world’s largest manufacturer of protective clothing. About 35% of all protective
fire clothing sold in North America comes from Lion. Lion was preparing to launch a revolutionary
new protective system, isodri, to the national and international fire service industry. Isodri is a series
of protective clothing components treated with Teflon® to help reduce water absorption in the clothing. Water absorption adds weight to protective clothing which in turn increases the stress a fire fighter encounters. Water absorption in clothing is also dangerous because the water can quickly turn into
steam in high-heat environments and blow back on the fire fighter, causing severe burns.

The fire service industry is a mature market with ingrained buying patterns. The knowledge base of a person buying protective clothing ranges from scientific expert to novice.

The objective of the advertising campaign was to generate favorable attention to the new product and establish brand preference. The challenge was to communicate the scientific material in a manner that would be understood by both expert buyers and novices.

To accomplish the objective, OIA performed extensive research into the buying influences of the fire industry. The findings were incorporated into the development of a logo, pocket folder brochure, individual product brochures, a series of full-color advertisements, newsletters, trade show booth design, signs, posters, news releases, fact sheets, special events, multimedia presentations, 3-D animation, web graphics, and media communications. Employing its wealth of resources, the OIA team delivered all facets of the campaign on time and on budget. Whether it was in a four-color publication, on a crowded trade show floor, or in the overflowing in-basket of a fire chief, the isodri materials were designed to command attention and generate interest.

Today there is a strong surge of product preference for isodri Protective Systems. During the past year, more than 75% of the buying population responded to ads, direct mail, and trade show displays by requesting more information on the product.